Flower Bed Maintenance


Keep your beds looking fresh all year long. Recommended every 2 weeks.

Prevent a jungle

Flower beds are the perfect way to add some color and life to your outdoor space. But what happens when the weeds take over and you’re left with a jungle? 

Maintenance is key to keep things sharp

Let Ben’s Lawn & Landscape help you keep your flower bed maintenance and looking sharp throughout the entire year. We’ll keep them tidy and clean so that you can enjoy them all season long. Not only does this service prevent diseases and mildew from taking over, but it also keeps your flower beds looking sharp for years to come!

Flower Bed Maintenance

Our Flower bed Maintenance works

We come once every two weeks to pull and remove those pesky weeds in your flower beds that come back so quickly. It is never our standard to leave or throw weeds into your lawn only to spread seeds and plant more weeds, we make sure to haul away all weeds we collect. At the end of fall, we trim back all perennials in the designated area of maintenance to a healthy height so they are ready to pop up the next spring with new life and color. When necessary, we collect and vacuum built up debris in the beds, even if it’s mulch or rocks, keeping airflow between flowers and bushes to prevent diseases. Our flower bed maintenance starts in the beginning of March till the end of November. You’ll no longer have to walk out your front door and have those weeds remind you of your least favorite chore. 

We want to take care of your beds

Whether you have one box or an entire backyard, we’d love to help manage your flower beds. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make sure your garden stays healthy and beautiful!

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