Bush Trimming


Are your shrubs getting leggy? It’s time for a haircut. Recommended 2 times a year.

Attention to every bush Trimming

Is it time to give your bushes a haircut?

Our professionally sharpened, different sized, hedge trimmers allow us to trim your bushes giving them a clean and sharp cut. We ensure every bush is trimmed to perfection by using hand pruners, loppers and hedge shears.  We provide best bush trimming service in Rockingham County

Clean up

Once the bushes are manicured, we make sure to shake and hand remove cuttings and debris from each bush, following up with raking and collecting all the debris using one of our favorite tools, the garden vacuum. The vacuum is designed to pick up debris from your rocks, lawn, and flower beds leaving an immaculate finish, that’s what sets us apart from everyone else. Call (540)209-7495 now to ask us when is the right time to trim your bushes and to get on schedule!

Bush Trimming

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